Has anyone ever claimed to be from a different time, or a parallel universe?

Question by TheZombieKing: Has anyone ever claimed to be from a different time, or a parallel universe?
Like they came here in a time machine or from a different universe? If so could you give me some links?

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Answer by Gaius Kuttappan
theoritically true, pratically difficult.

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  1. TardisAndTheHare July 31, 2013 at 8:41 am #


    Some claimed that they had past lives. Edgar Cayce, the famed psychic, often spoke of past lives of people who asked him for a reading. So, they had lived before (in the past).

    The first link says: “But it wouldn’t be until 1923 that the subject of reincarnation would be explored [by Cayce] in a reading given to a printer from Ohio.”

    “The concept of reincarnation shocked and challenged Edgar Cayce and his family. They were deeply religious”

    SEEING (or knowing) THE FUTURE:

    Some psychics (but not all psychics) can see (or know) future events.


    According to special relativity, the faster we travel, the less we age. According to the correspondence principle, this effect grows smaller as we slow down, until, at a dead stop, we age normally. Thus, relativity agrees with classical physics in the limit as speed approaches zero (the two theories correspond as the correspondence principle says they must).

    This means that there is slight time change if something moves slightly fast. Think of your arm pivoting on your elbow. The tip of your finger moves faster than your elbow does. This means that the tip of your finger ages slightly slower than your elbow does (though your whole arm is connected together, parts of it are moving through time at different rates).

    Thus, we are all moving through time, and parts of us are moving through time at different rates. Thus, we all time travel.

    This isn’t quite what you wanted to hear. You probably wanted to know if someone from the distant future could come back in time and tell us the wonders of his age. I don’t think so, because electric or magnetic energy (matter is a form of energy) cannot travel faster than the speed of light. However, psychic energy can travel faster than light and backwards or forwards in time. This is why psychics can see future events. But psychic energy and electromagnetic energy are apparently incompatible (so sending matter, such as a man, back in time, should be impossible, theoretically).


    M-Theory (which is one of the latest types of string theory), says that there are 11 dimensions. Those are “curled up” in our dimension, much like an ant crawling around in a circle on a telephone wire. The various dimensions appear to be rectilinear (perpendicular to each other). The three dimensions of space and one dimension of time are considered perpendicular when making calculations.

    Extra dimensions are necessary to explain how electric and magnetic fields work (and perhaps how gravitational fields work).

    If an object speeds up to the speed of light, it will become light (or some form of electromagnetic radiation).

    If it were possible to “ride a beam of light” time would stand still, and you’d see your entire journey, beginning to end, all at the same time.

    If we consider our universe to be oscillatory (that is, if we assume that the universe has enough mass to pull itself back into a single place again, we must assume that we are living inside a black hole in which even light cannot escape. Energy outside of a black hole can enter (we’ve observed radiation from mass that spirals around the event horizon at the poles of black holes). So, inside a black hole might be habitable.

    There is likely not an identical parallel universe in which you’d meet your twin. Rather, there might be a universe outside of our own that we can’t see because it must push through the poles of our black hole. I cannot conceive of a way to get our bodies (made of matter) or to get energy through the poles of a black hole and into another universe. However, black holes do evaporate (or at least experience some evaporation). Thus, travel to a parallel universe is unlikely.

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